Incoming Spikko Calls

When someone calls me, are they charged?

Spikko has no influence on the incoming caller’s charges. The caller pays according to their regular plan. If the number they are dialing is a local number to them, then it will charge as a local number.

Do I have to pay for incoming calls ?

Yes. Here’s why: All Spikko calls- incoming and outgoing- are GSM-based. This ensures superb clarity and reliability. Using this technology has a cost, which we keep very low. Incoming calls will always ...

Can I use my regular number abroad with Spikko?

Yes, you can use Spikko to maintain your regular number while abroad. If your regular number is not a Spikko number, you can have your calls forwarded to a Spikko number by your carrier(dial **21*SpikkoPhone...

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