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How do I control my Caller ID (CID) on Spikko App?

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“I want to use my number for overseas business. Can I choose and change the identity that the call receiver sees?”


There are several app options for your outgoing Caller ID:

Auto Selection: If you have a local number of a country and are calling that country, it will automatically use the local Caller ID. If you do not have a caller ID for that country, it will select your phone’s default/SIM number.

Always (+XXX) XXX-XXXX: Send your Spikko number. If you have more than 1 Spikko number, you will be offered each number individually.

My current SIM number: The SIM number from which you are calling.

Do not send Caller ID: This will show a blocked number.


If you are not using the Spikko app to dial, your phone will follow in the style of “Auto Selection” unless arranged otherwise with Spikko Support.

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