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Device Compatibility with Spikko App

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Devices/OS Types Compatible with Spikko App
  • Android: Versions 4 and higher
    • To check your Android version:
      • Go to your Android settings
      • Scroll down to the bottom
      • Press “About Phone”
  • iPhone: iOS 7 +. Versions 6 and under are not supported.

Tested devices: Samsung, LG, Nexus, iPhone 4-6

Devices/OS Types Incompatible with Spikko App
  • All devices using Windows OS
  • All devices using Blackberry OS
  • All Android devices under Version 4
  • All iPhone devices with iOS 6 and under
    • iPhone 3 & 3S are not supported
  • THL Android
    • Managing settings and incoming calls work
    • Outgoing calls are not supported

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