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What are the benefits of paying directly through Spikko instead of iTunes?

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Paying directly to Spikko grants access to several special features

  • Auto Top-Up: Never miss or drop calls due to insufficient credit
  • Easier payment control
  • Change your payment method at any time
  • Multiple payment options
    • Pay through PayPal or CreditGuard (Credit/Debit System)
  • Payment issues are handled by Spikko’s Client Care team
    • Refunds & resolutions are processed directly via Spikko
  • Purchase credit and numbers from within your user portal
    • Internal payment users can make payment changes on or within Spikko App
    • iTunes payments can only be processed on Spikko App

Note: Should you make the switch to direct payment through Spikko, please send a notification email to to ensure seamless service

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