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Does my service provider charge for calls? When does Spikko charge for calls?

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Your phone provider charges for minutes whether or not calls are through Spikko.

Calls made from your SIM are part of the agreement with your local mobile phone provider.

Unless you are calling via Spikko service, Spikko will not charge for calls that are included in your mobile phone plan.

Outgoing Call Example: You are in the US, have a US mobile plan, and are calling using your phone’s regular dial pad (excluding Spikko access numbers or “Callback” service).

Incoming Call Example: You have a US mobile plan and someone calls your regular phone number (without “Follow-Me” enabled).

Will Spikko charge me? No. You are not using Spikko service.

Will my provider charge me? Yes. You are using their service.

Spikko charges occur only when using Spikko service.

When making or receiving calls through Spikko, you are charged both by Spikko and your telephone provider.

Outgoing Call Example: You are in the US, have a US mobile plan, and are calling someone using Spikko app, a Spikko access number,  or Spikko’s “Callback” system.

Incoming Call Example 1: Someone calls your Spikko number.

Incoming Call Example 2: Someone calls your regular phone number while “Follow-Me”is enabled.

Will Spikko charge me? Yes. You are using Spikko service.

Will my phone provider charge me? Yes. Spikko is backing onto their service.

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